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Sharing Love and Inspiraton with the World


Hello2Cheeks    " Stay Uplifted Dear"

Creative Duct Taper and Breast Cancer Survivor

Hi. Please call me Raine. I have such a love for Duct Taping.

I Craft all sorts of things but my Favorite is Duct Taping.... I love Duct Tape and the many things I can make with it. I make things like Purses, Wallets ,Booklets, Mini Diarys, Duct Tape Flower Pens,  Pouches and Get Well Happy Bags. Here at Hello2Cheeks we have a purpose.... To Inspire those going through Breast Cancer and to encouarage women to Stay Uplifted Dear".  Since my diagnoses it has become harder to make Duct Tape items. Sometimes my arm hurt and my lymphnodes swell up. So Most of my pictures are just for show. 

Inspiring Smiles

I have always had a Flair for Crafting before i even knew what Crafting was... 
since i was a child i was like TinkerBell always Tinkering and making things. I have always enjoyed how Crafters and Artist take something meaningless and make something so Wonderful. 

So now that I'm a mom i saw this cute commercial on tv about ArtSkills and  I went online to check them out and WOW....... such amazing cute things you can make with DuctTape... they also sale glitter and diamonds which just adds to the Crafts. 

So i made things for my daughter all kinds of cute things like purses and pouches and coin banks.. and then my Son kinda felt left out so i researched what i can make for him... and wow i had noooo idea i can make a wallet.. lol... yes!! a Wallet .... with DuctTape!!. haha Amazing. 

So now i make DuctTape Creations and sale them.. and sometimes i make some for my neices and nephews..AND THEY LOVE THEM!! and its just wonderful.. im always finding new ideas. 

so if you have a itch to craft ? just get out there, go to your neighborhood Library and check out a Crafting book.. Youtube is Chop full of Do It Yourself Videos... (Diy)..... Go Creates somethings Wonderful :)

Please Enjoy and have a Blessed Day

Loraine McDaniel  Owner